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Counsel told the jury they would hear evidence that the shooting was linked to a territorial dispute between the two clubs.

On Friday June 19, 2015 Mr Mc Namara and his wife went to the village of Doon in Limerick by bike where they went to Kelly's Pub.

He said: "I jumped in to my van and took off as fast as I could because I knew they were following me when I saw them do a u-turn." He said he drove at speeds up to 100mph as he tried to get away from his pursuers. Mr Delaney had previously told the jury that Mr Duggan decided to go to the Road Tramps clubhouse where he would be met by other members of the club.

They planned on letting him in the heavy gate of the club.

One was even reading what looked like a paper, if that’s not shocking enough, I encountered 3 incidents within the space of less than 3 minutes on two occasions.

'As a biker I believe riding considerately when filtering is really important.

A biker frustrated with those who use their mobile phones while driving has started to film his daily commute to work to record his near misses.

The Data Analyst Manager told the Mail Online: 'Every day I see drivers distracted and not fully aware of what is going on around them and it’s mainly due to mobile phone usage, on the few occasions when I have alerted drivers. they know it’s wrong but still do it and try to hide their phones or become verbally abusive.'A few days ago I decided to take some time to collate my most recent footage, during two commutes home I witnessed 8 drivers using their phones.

One of them told Mr Mc Namara to take off his colours.

"He didn't, so they manhandled him," he told the court, adding: "They removed his waistcoat from him." Mr Duggan said he held the accused man's wife back.

Opening the trial Michael Delaney SC for the prosecution told the jury that they will hear evidence that Mr O'Donoghue, a retired carpenter, was a member of the Road Tramps motorcycle club which is based at Mountfune.

The accused man, Alan Mc Namara, left the Road Tramps in the 2000s and later became a member of the Caballeros motorcycle club, based in Limerick City.

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Mr Mc Namara was wearing the colours of the Caballeros, which consisted of a badge or emblem worn on the back of a black sleeveless jacket.

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