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Love in the Time of Algorithms is a must read for those who partake in online dating and for those who don't.

Mc Leod admits that's made it tough to grow as fast as Tinder, which has been downloaded 40 million times in two years and makes 14 million matches a day, according to .

And yet, Mc Leod believes this comparatively measured approach to growth will serve Hinge well in the long run."Obviously, they're bigger than we are.

It's been traditionally dominated by IAC's Match Group, which owns Tinder, Ok Cupid, and, and spends millions marketing to new customers.

"Slater considers all these issues in an intelligent, edgy, thought-provoking way.

And yet, for all the competition between the two companies, Mc Leod admits that Tinder did Hinge a great service in its early days by making online dating socially acceptable to an entirely new audience.

"It's been kind of nice that Tinder got out there first," he explains.

They have more users than we have, but over time the user experience gets diluted on Tinder," Mc Leod says, and that's where the My Space comparison comes in.

"If you told anyone in 2005 that Facebook would be bigger than My Space, they’d think you’re insane. It's about who you know in real life, so it ended up becoming something people relied on."When Mc Leod first launched Hinge as a web app back in 2011, Tinder didn't even exist, and Hinge was a much tougher sell to users. Initially, Mc Leod says he viewed Tinder as just another wannabe.

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As Stanger cruised through Chicago recently to promote her move to WE tv (and her just-announced new show . PATTI STANGER: I tell people what most people would never say to their faces. I have 42 minutes to tell a story and fix up two people on an episode. What is it about the Patti brand that people are drawn to? I think everything that’s [an] aphrodisiac—the wine has aphrodisiac elements; it got 94 out of 100 points on , about a Chicago family running a matchmaking service. PS: Five years ago, right before I dated David, Lisa [Galos] fixed me up with someone.

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