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I think it was used as a location in the Film "Long good Friday", which featured the appalling wooden acting skills of Helen Mirren when she was still quite young.For me - building the station at meadowhall is a colossal waste of money.They took our data and said they will index it eventually. Please note that this page does not hosts or makes available any of the listed filenames. This list is automatically generated from a ".torrent" file which is simply metadata for the bittorrent protocol.Meadowhall won't be a "success" and it won't benefit Sheffield at all.Any benefits will be dwarfed by those gained by Leeds and Manchester, both of which will have new, central HS2 stations with fast, seamless connections to London.Contrast that with a quick bus into town that goes straight to the bus station (X5) - total time about 10 mins.

The transport investment should concentrate on serving this business district from all parts of SCR and improving national connections to it.I imagine this will mean that they attract more businesses and visitors to the detriment of Sheffield.Confirmation of Meadowhall will confirm Sheffield's status as a third-tier city. For me - building the station at meadowhall is a colossal waste of money.Like I said, HS2 Meadowhall could end up being something of a white elephant if it's not used by those people in S Yorks who regularly travel to London the most, ie Sheffielders living in the affluent southern and western suburbs. No South Yorkshire stop There is a danger as purse strings continue to tighten that a SY stop gets removed from HS2.Its lack of use will lead to fewer stopping trains. There are currently 3 options for the government; 1. It is not essential for HS2 business case and any delays caused by infighting in the region could tip the balance further.

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So I presume that they are expecting Meadowhall to bring greater benefits to their town than making a trip to London a couple of minutes quicker. A few new businesses may spring up around Meadowhall, but their employees won't be spending their money in Barnsley or Rotherham.

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