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The latest controversy that the actor finds himself in, is the use of vulgar language derogatory to women in the ‘Beep Song’.

The ‘Beep Song’ 2015The latest controversy that the 30-year-old finds himself in is the use of vulgar language derogatory to women in the ‘Beep Song’.

During this period, he didn’t work on any other films and was seen indulging in spirituality, when he went off to the Himalayas in 2013.

Vishal was heading the Pandavar Ani and Simbu was roped in by the then President of Nadigar Sangam, Sarath Kumar, to stand for the post of Vice President.Whatever may be the reason behind his statements and actions, one thing is for sure - he is controversy's favourite actor has had his share of relationships, but his come with a twist.Simbu has been linked to numerous actresses in recent years.Silambarasan aka Simbu aka STR has always said he calls a spade a spade, but his statements and actions in recent times have snowballed into issues that just refuse to die down.While some people say he does it for attention, others claim he is currently going through a low phase in his life.

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She has done few Bollywood movies and is very famous in the Tamil and Telugu Film industry.

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  1. I know this election, in particular, has been extremely divisive, but this is not the time to start sharing your opinions on politics or any other possibly fiery topics. We just avoid those topics because we are adults and enjoy our friendship. The woman you’re talking to is a human being, not an object. I know men tend to just say what enters their heads without passing it through a filter.