Updating boot partitions required mac

From these basic types, "stacked" or "nested" RAID volumes can be created.

Stacked RAID sets that make use of mirrored RAID sets are fault-tolerant.

For concatenated RAID sets with a resizable filesystem, delete will attempt to shrink the filesystem to fit on the first member partition and convert that to a non-RAID volume. New disks are added live, the RAID volume does not need to be unmounted.

This allows the software to reformat the entire disk using the most current partition layouts. Using the UUID is preferred because disk device names may change over time when disks are added, disks are removed or when the system is rebooted.

until interrupted with a signal (For example typing Control-C).

For debugging information, such as the monitoring of applications dissenting (attempting to deny) activities for disks for which they have registered an interest, use the logging features of the diskarbitrationd /usr/sbin/Diskutil verifydisk disk0 Started partition map verification on disk0 Checking prerequisites Checking the partition list Checking the partition map size Checking for an EFI system partition Checking the EFI system partition's size Checking the EFI system partition's file system Checking the EFI system partition's folder content Checking all HFS data partition loader spaces Volume Photos on disk0s5 has 0 bytes of trailing loader space and it needs 134,217,728 bytes Problems were found with the partition map which might prevent booting Error: -69765: Partition map needs repair because a data partition needs loader spacesudo diskutil repair Volume /Volumes/DGERMAN_2GB Password: Started file system repair on disk2s1 DGERMAN_2GB Checking file system ** disk2s1 ** Phase 1 - Preparing FAT ** Phase 2 - Checking Directories ** Phase 3 - Checking for Orphan Clusters 106 files, 1783744 Ki B free (55742 clusters) Volume repair complete Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required Finished file system repair on disk2s1 DGERMAN_2GB Started file system repair on disk0s9 Recovery_Mavericks Repairing file system Checking non-journaled HFS Plus Volume Invalid B-tree node size The volume could not be verified completely File system check exit code is 8 Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required Error: -69845: File system verify or repair failed Underlying error: 8: POSIX reports: Exec format error causes the creation of a 512MB Apple_Journal partition out of journal Device and an HFS partition will be created out of the remaining space if available; journal Device must be a partition. When ownership is enabled, the Owner and Group ID settings that exist on the disk are taken into account for determining access, and exact settings are written to the disk as FSOs are created.

Also shown are some shortcut aliases for common personalities.

This will cause the average unused space per file to be 4,096 (i.e. When determing size: ( 3/18/16 DATA vol has 189,624 files df reports 21,014,072 1k blocks used of 44,384,728 This is a space accounting only.

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Old disks are removed live, the RAID volume does not need to be unmounted.

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