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“You have to be accepted into the family, then the head of the family will have a word with you and you have to pay a dowry to kind of buy in.We got to Christmas and that was all fine, but then it started to go downhill and we had some major disagreements.Simon Howell, defending, said: “At the end of the relationship, he felt very strongly that this was money owed to him.

Bubbly kind ,adventures lady , hard working and a romantic at heart...“He posted letters through her letterbox demanding money from her and asking for backdated cheques.These items appear to have been delivered on an almost weekly basis.” She added: “At one point he even went to Muzhange’s church and started giving letters to her fellow parishioners.“We got on very well, we went on holidays and trips — all the sorts of things you do as a couple when you’re in love,’ he said.“Martha is from Zimbabwe and in their culture they have a different way of doing things.

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